Underwater Scooter

Embark on a trial ride with the Manta Sea scooter and experience the incredible ease of reaching depths of up to 40 meters. Explore the ocean's depths effortlessly with its three-speed levels, reaching a maximum speed of 1.56 meters per second, allowing you to glide alongside aquatic life with ease.

Swimming Kickboard

ASIWO MAKO effortlessly converts any poolside or beachfront moment into a fantastic chance for enjoyable family bonding. Plus, it ensures that even the kids can relish an exciting water-based gaming experience.

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What Our Online Reviewers Say

from Dustin Dunnill

Great for getting down in the coral at speed and getting some awesome fish footage or just letting the kids have fun.

from Chew On This

Cool sea scooter makes me a human submarine.

from Carla

Was great fun to swim with the underwater scooter. It's quite powerful and can make you swim underwater without any efforts.