The thrust is about 19.84lbs. in water.

Our sea scooters are with 3 gears of speed, the top speed up to 1.5M/4.9ft per second.

The operating time of ASIWO Manta sea scooter is between 20mins and 90mins under normal using.

There are three speed settings for you. They are Fast, Middle and Slow speed setting.

The main body size is 527×213×173 mm /20.7×8.4×6.8 inch.

No. Manta sea scooter has sport camera mount while sport camera need to be purchased by yourselves.

We take GOPRO as an example. Or you can choose those cameras which can be attached on the GOPRO base.

It needs 4-5 hours.


The Manta and Manta Pro has one battery. The Manta S has two batteries.

Yes, the Manta battery capacity is 126Wh, the Manta Pro battery is 252Wh, according to IATA guidelines, the upper limits is 160Wh for tools and appliances. However, it may vary to different airline regulations. please consult your airline before you take it.