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Whether deep sea-exploring diving or simply having a happy family time in your backyard swimming pool, Hyper GoGo Manta Pro Motorized water scooters will be the best gadget you should have ever. It allows you to enjoy the adventure or happy time instead of fatigue.

  • Motor Power: 1000W
  • Max Speed: 5ft/s or 1.5M/S
  • Max Depth: 164ft or 50 M
  • Running Time: 90 mins
  • One-hand mode
  • GoPro Mounting Bracket
  • 3-speed gears
  • Buoyancy Tank
  • Multiple safety protection

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    The Hyper GoGo Manta Pro - EXPLORE WATER FUN

    Whether deep sea-exploring diving, or simply having a happy time in your backyard swimming pool, Hyper GoGo Manta Pro Motorized water scooters will be the best gadget you should have ever. It allows you to enjoy the adventure or happy time instead of fatigue.

    Motorized water scooter


    Equipped with a 252Wh battery, Manta Pro features a 2X extended range to 2 Miles. And the running time is up to 90mins to provide infinite water fun.


    Safety Certification
    GoPro Mount
    164ft Max Depth
    Max Running Time
    3-Speed Gear
    Max Speed 5ft/s


    Manta Pro sea scooter comes in White,Green and Orange

    Water Scooter - 3 colors available: white, green, orange
    underwater scooter for pool

    1.Fully encased propellers to prevent any injury. and with SGS approved CE certificate. 

    2.The sea scooter will shut off automatically when you lose your grip, and it will float to the water surface slowly and automatically. 

    3.In addition, it comes with a safety lock to prevent unintentional misuse.


    Hyper GoGo Manta Pro is an ultra-light of 9.7 lbs. only, small-sized, and portable Diver propulsion vehicle. It is allowed to be carry-on on commercial airlines. Travel anywhere to explore the underwater sea world with your family or friends.

    electric underwater scooter
    water scooter

    It's slightly less dense than water, so it naturally floats on the water when not in use, then you don't have to worry about it sinking.


    A built-in GoPro mounting bracket on the housing of water scooter means you can capture your every moment.

    sea scooter diving scooter


    When you dive with one hand, the motor on the side of your hand will assist more power to maintain balance and ensure forward direction. Therefore the underwater scooter will free you up one hand for other activities.


    Take the water scooter for a trial. With a max 50 M/164 ft depth, see how easy it is to touch the floor. With 3 gears of speed, a top speed up to 1.5M/4.9ft per second, you can swim alongside the fishes easily.

     What you may want to know before purchasing?

    Yes, surely the electronic parts are tested 50M / 164ft waterproof.

    Yes, you can use it in muddy water, the motors are sand proof.

    For the swimming pool, anyone could use it if he/she can dive. For the deep sea, we only recommend it for the highly-trained scuba diver.

    Yes, the Manta battery capacity is 126Wh, the Manta Pro battery is 252Wh, according to IATA guidelines, the upper limits is 160Wh for tools and appliances. However, it may vary to different airline regulations. please consult your airline before you take it.


    Underwater Scooter Specification

    Brand Hyper GoGo Manta Pro
    Main Body Size 527×213×173 mm /20.7×8.4×6.8 inch
    Operating Temperature -10℃~40℃
    Water-resistance 50 meters
    Speed Mode Slow/Middle/Fast
    Slow mode: Speed - 2ft/s, Runing time - 90mins, Thrust - 4.5kgs
    Middle mode: Speed - 3.3ft/s, Runing time - 60mins, Thrust - 6.5kgs
    Fast mode: Speed - 5ft/s, Runing time - 40mins, Thrust - 9kgs
    Operating Time 90mins (Slow Mode)
    60mins (Middle Mode)
    40mins (Fast Mode)
    Thrust 9 kgs / 19.84lbs.
    Weight 9.7lbs./4.4kgs (including battery)

    Seascooter Battery Specification

    Nominal Voltage 25.2V
    Charging Voltage 29.4V
    Rated Capacity 10AH
    Rated Energy 252WH
    Charging Time 4-5 hours
    Battery Weight 2.2kg

    Charger Specification

    Input Voltage AC 110 - 220V 50-/60Hz
    Output Voltage DC 29.4V/2A
    Weight 35g

    • Sea Scooter
    • Battery Pack
    • Adapter
    • Charing Cable with US/EU Plug
    • Protection Leash
    • Waterproof Bag
    • User Manual

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Sean jackson
    A really fun toy -- great for snorkeling

    I bought one of these for a 3 week trip to the Caribbean and it was great and enjoyed by everyone in the family. Have not yet experienced any of the motor failure issues others have experienced.This thing is really quite fast and it's very enjoyable being able to dive to the bottom with almost no effort.

    Bill Smith

    I bought this just before our beach trip a few weeks ago. I thought it would be fun for my 5 & 7 year old (And for me!). I looked at all of the other water scooters and kept coming back to this one. It is smaller and far more portable than others I looked at. I was happy with how fast it pulled even me through the water at 230lbs. The battery charges much faster than I expected. The design is really nice and make maneuvering underwater very smooth. The safety buttons on it were also nice for my kids. As an adult it would be nice to be able to turn it on or off if you wanted to use just one hand. The bag itself is very basic and does not offer much protection so it might be best to buy a new bag or just pack it in your luggage.

    charles schmidt
    Fun toy, but nothing more...when it works

    I used this for scuba due to a leg injury not able to kick, and did 5 dives with it.Dive 1, cutout at 80' from water exposure on battery.Dive 2 cutout 20 minutes in @20' idk whyDive 3 cutout about 40 minutes in @30' idk whyDive 4 worked for full 55 minute dive @30'Dive 5 cutout @ 40 minutes idk whyDo not bother if you're not in a pool using this as a play toy. It does work and pull well when it works.

    Emsley Clark

    Kids love it

    Jainaf Aafrin
    this product is so fun for kids

    I love it it felt like I was a fish!!!!!